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Why does the App not work when using the Nearby Church feature?
Last Updated a year ago

When you first open your app, make sure you give permission for it to use your location. If you are unsure, check your settings and make sure you have enabled the location service for the Mass Times app in your phone's settings under the location services option. Make sure that the switch next to the app is set to the on position. If this does not resolve the problem, close the App completely and try again. If it still does not resolve the problem, you can try turning off your device completely and turning back on and try again. Finally, if the problem is still not resolved, remove the App from your device, and re-install from your App store. Note: You can always use our Mobile version of the directory which has similar features of the App by visiting with your mobile device browser or Save these pages to your devices home screen and it will work a native App.

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