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How do I fix incorrect information like Mass Times or a Priest name?
Last Updated a year ago

For If you are a parishioner or volunteer, first go to the church listing page on the directory website. Click the green "Update This Listing" button and complete the update form and submit. Our staff will review and verify the updates usually within 48 hours.

To make immediate changes, you must have a member administrator account and be the listing owner or authorized church staff. Click here to see our knowledgebase article how to become a listing administrator. You can also learn more here on our website page How To Update Listings.

For You can update a listing by clicking the link "Submit an update as Guest" located near the bottom of the page when viewing a listing page. Our staff will review and approve usually within 48 hours. Note: If you are the listing owner, click the “Login to Update” link located near the bottom of your church page.

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